7 Basic Ways

To Celebrate Vocation Awareness Week

Preach on Vocations

Consider a special homily aimed primarily at young people. Stress that hap­piness is found in God’s will alone.

Visibly Promote Vocations

Place posters or banners in the narthex and parish hall. Posters | Banners


Include a strong vocations message or a special vocations insert.

Religious Education

Work with your DRE to ensure catechists know in advance so they can plan special lessons on vocations. Curriculum | Worksheets

Catholic School

Plan a special week with the principal. Include an art or essay contest, and vis­its from sisters and seminarians, if possible. (One parish had seminarians Skype into the classroom!) Curriculum | Worksheets

Youth Ministry

Make sure the Youth Minster has a vocations-themed meeting planned. Consider showing the new film For Love Alone or holding a special Holy Hour to Know My Vocation.

Young Adults

If you have Theology on Tap or a similar program, invite a young priest to tell his vocation story and talk about discernment. Don’t dumb it down! Be sure to offer good, in-depth information about discernment. Best Discernment Books

Vocation Catalogue

Vianney Vocations has served over 50 dioceses in its mission to help build a culture of vocations in our Church today. Are you passionate about the same?

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Vocation Resource Packet

This resource packet equips priests and parishes to celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week, November 5-11, 2017.

It contains materials useful for priests, parish secretaries, youth ministers, DREs, principals, teens, and young adults. This year’s packet features 13 pieces valued at over $22 worth of resources.

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